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Poken included in MCI’s Annual Meeting of Worldwide Event Planners !

January 31, 2011 2 comments

In December, 500 MCI event managers gathered in Istanbul (Turkey) for MCI’s International Business Meeting. With offices in 44 cities around the Globe, MCI is one of the leading global association, conference and event management groups. This annual meeting was the perfect opportunity for event managers to meet, get motivated, deepen existing connections, and catch up with the newest members of the team in a 2-day vibrant setting.

Click here to watch Stéphane Doutriaux speak at the event !

To enhance the networking experience, each attendee received an MCI branded pokenSPARK  pre-registered with their contact details.  Before the event, when logging in to the Poken member hub, the participants could see who among their LinkedIn contacts would be attending. Post-event, when they connected their poken, a fully MCI-branded website with digital networking dashboard allowed them to sync their contacts with other contact management software such as SalesForce or Outloook, to view pictures taken during the event, and to download the event’s presentation material.


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