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Unleashing Poken to the physical web: Vending machines and beyond

September 1, 2015 Leave a comment

vending1 Guest Blogger: Mark Stewart, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at wonderMakr

When you think about the physical web, you probably think of smartphones controlling lights in your house, or a door lock that unlocks when you walk up to it. And you’d be right. The physical web is an approach that taps into the core power of the Internet: interaction between your mobile device and the objects around you. But how can this Internet of things be applied to creating engaging Read more…

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Brossman Gets It

December 2, 2009 6 comments

Martin Brossman interviews pokenites to get the inside scoop on what all the buzz is about.   Their stories capture the essence of Poken.  Throw out your business cards because now you’ve got the “electronic social media business card,” as Brossman calls it, or as we here at Poken say, “your social business card.”

…Amy’s new poken, a.k.a. “Pauly” (the martian) let’s her connect with people instantly: she gets their basic contact information, their picture, the social networks that their on, when she pokened with them… and she’s just beginning to experience all the magic of the pokenHUB.  Amy, so glad you like!

Read more…

New Friends – They Like Us

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

On a product related note, based on popular requests, we also have some new social networks for you to add to your Poken card. They are:

  • Vimeo
  • Dopplr
  • Brightkite

Not too shabby. Keep your eyes peeled (who came up with that expression anyways?) for new ones coming soon!

Our Strategy for Adding Social Networks to Poken

July 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Currently when someone adds a social network to their card we verify the account details are correct.
We do this using Facebook connect for Facebook and a site scraping solution for all the other social networks. The scraping is quite fragile as it can break when sites are updated (and often this updating is done for some users first so it breaks for some people first). We end up needing to fix the scraping logic each month on several of the 30 networks we support. By sticking to this verification for all networks has meant that for manageability reasons we’ve had to restrict the number of networks that we support.

On our new site (due out in a few weeks) we will have a new strategy:

  1. We will expand the networks supported, first to 50 and then to 100 and more.
  2. We will verify only networks which support Open Authentication (oAuth) which is a standard for connecting without scraping and without asking the user for his/her password. This also includes Facebook with Facebook connect.
  3. For sites which don’t support oAuth we’ll ask just for a user name or profile name.

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