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2nd Poken Reseller Summit in Lausanne !

April 28, 2011 4 comments

Great atmosphere at Poken Lausannne right as we speak.  Poken partners from all around the world are gathering in Lausanne to attend the 2nd Annual Poken Reseller Summit.  The Summit comes as a result of the success of last years event where the Poken partners contributed towards the product roadmap.

Resellers having fun with their pokens!

The goal of the Summit is to keep our resellers updated with the latest Poken features and improvements and also to establish and strengthen the company’s vision and mission worldwide.

The Summit started early in the morning and will last 2 days.  So far, the reaction of the resellers has been beyond expectation, where the proactive and constructive questions and feedback just hasn’t stopped!

This feedback is giving us insights into the global market, local client requests and the feedback of our end users, bringing us closer to them.  Also, by understanding where the interest of our users lies, we can adapt and enhance our products so that they will better fit and support the existing market.

High Four to this amazing reseller team !

NXP and Poken to join forces to develop NFC products for social networking

April 19, 2011 5 comments

Today, we are announcing our  collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, the leading semiconductor company in NFC and smart card technologies! At WIMA, both companies will showcase the first joint prototype of a low-power full-featured NFC product, combining an NXP NFC core and Poken’s ultra low-power 32-bit microprocessor.

Poken’s NFC-based platform will allow users to quickly collect people, places and things – with a simple touch !

We believe that this close collaboration with NXP will accelerate the integration of the smart card and NFC worlds within social media, allowing for clever new features!

We are thrilled to partner with such a visionary company !
To read more about this announcement, please check out our press center !

Poken and other big names join NFC Forum

April 4, 2011 3 comments

The NFC world is moving fast! As recently announced, Poken has officially joined the non-profit NFC forum, together with a number of other industry leaders including Google, Daimler and Hitachi. This commitment to NFC as a next generation technology by key players confirms that we’ll be using NFC devices in the next few months.

Poken has joined the NFC forum as ‘implementation partner’, meaning our research and development teams are already commercialising NFC-based technologies to a range of devices including new generation phones and the new Poken tag technology.

Check out well-known names joining the forum :

The mission of the NFC Forum is to promote and to encourage the development of products using NFC as well as educate consumers and enterprises on this emerging technology. It currently counts more than 140 members sharing their development, application, and marketing expertise to develop the best possible solutions for advancing the use of NFC.

In addition, Poken will be launching the world’s first end-to-end NFC compliant platform for social networking at WIMA, the 5th Global NFC Applications Products and Services Congress this month in Monaco.

Stay tuned and you’ll know more about this great show very soon !

High Four !

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United Airlines onboard magazine Hemispheres introduces Poken to its readers!

March 14, 2011 2 comments

Love at first sight !

Check out this great article on Poken published early March in the well-known United and Continental airlines onboard Magazine called Hemispheres !

With an affluent world readership of some 12 million readers per month, it is a big achievement for Poken to be mentioned with such enthusiasm by this high profile magazine.

Click here to learn how “How an adorable new networking device may replace the humble business card”… They said it !

High four !

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Meet Poken @ Cebit 2011

February 26, 2011 7 comments

Poken at CEBIT

This year, Poken will be present at the CEBIT in Hannover from the 1st to the 4th of March, the world’s most important event in the digital industry with literally hundreds of thousands of visitors!

Visitors doing guided tours will all receive CEBIT branded Pokens to better network and connect with people from the stands of companies such as SAP, Siemens and Vodafone.

If you’re interested in meeting us and get a FREE Poken (if you don’t already have one), you can find us in the Convention Center South close to the registration hub (see map here).

See you at the CEBIT, and high-four!

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Did he say “Poken” ? from Poken CEO Stéphane Doutriaux

February 10, 2011 3 comments

It was with great astonishment that I learned from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, that he “invented Poken”.  The astonishment quickly turned to pride, as I realized I had created something that such a prominent individual as Mr. Zuckerberg would want to claim as their own!

Mark Zuckerberg @ Saturday Night Live

Well of course, I should set the record straight, it was in fact our team, at Poken, that invented, created, and produced this wonderful product and platform. However, I am delighted that we have won yet another ambassador.  That he chose one of the most viewed shows on US television to make his “coming out” about his desire to be part of the Poken family warms our heart even more.
So, please join me in welcoming our newest Pokenaut, Mark Zuckerberg !  Go Poken! :-)

You can view a snippet from the Saturday Night Live show here.

PS: Someone suggested to me that he may have actually said “poking”. What did you hear ?

Stéphane Doutriaux

Poken included in MCI’s Annual Meeting of Worldwide Event Planners !

January 31, 2011 2 comments

In December, 500 MCI event managers gathered in Istanbul (Turkey) for MCI’s International Business Meeting. With offices in 44 cities around the Globe, MCI is one of the leading global association, conference and event management groups. This annual meeting was the perfect opportunity for event managers to meet, get motivated, deepen existing connections, and catch up with the newest members of the team in a 2-day vibrant setting.

Click here to watch Stéphane Doutriaux speak at the event !

To enhance the networking experience, each attendee received an MCI branded pokenSPARK  pre-registered with their contact details.  Before the event, when logging in to the Poken member hub, the participants could see who among their LinkedIn contacts would be attending. Post-event, when they connected their poken, a fully MCI-branded website with digital networking dashboard allowed them to sync their contacts with other contact management software such as SalesForce or Outloook, to view pictures taken during the event, and to download the event’s presentation material.


Read more…

Poken’s new Head of Finance and Planning !

January 27, 2011 2 comments

With a great deal of enthusiasm, we are officially introducing you to the latest addition of the Poken Financial Department – Sebastien Aymon.

Sebeastien is now holding the Head of Finance and Planning position and will be responsible for the overall leadership of the financial department and financial staff.

Sebastien's new desk !

He will plan, direct, control, analyze and coordinate the financial activities of Poken. Sebastien will direct the accounting function, analyze financial systems, monitor internal controls and conduct management information reporting. Other responsibilities include assisting with the development of the company’s financial strategy and spearheading Poken’s financial planning efforts by providing strategic business analysis and advice beyond the compilation of numbers.

With over 11 years of experience, Sebastien has held a variety of positions in the technology industry. He spent his early career days at Swisscom International where he was a Participation Controller, then moved to Telefonica Moviles where he held a key position as a Business Planner Specialist. After leaving Telefonica Moviles, Sebastien joined Orange Communication (one of Europe’s major mobile companies). At Orange, Sebastien started as a Planning Financial Controller and went all the way to a Marketing Manager position.

Read more…

True sensation at the Mini Event in Japan !

January 18, 2011 4 comments

On November the 16th 2010, the Mini Cooper lovers from all over Japan gathered in Sodegaura, a town right on the other side of Tokyo Bay, to celebrate their common passion they all share for the Mini Cooper cars.

More than 2000 Mini Cooper owners attended the event which turned out to be a real blast. The organizers set up a race track where the Mini drivers could go wild with their awesome cars.
Of course Poken was present and in what a great way. The organizers gave away custom Pokens to all the attendees (see picture on the right). Their reactions were beyond expectation – they were constantly pokening and having a great time about it.
The event also offered other things to experience – there were various stands offering good food, different contests, music and of course lots of Mini Coopers to stare at and admire.
Read more…

Sour CHHOR joins Poken as Chief Strategy Officer

January 13, 2011 1 comment

Fast-growing companies need great people … but great people want to work for great companies too, right? That said, let me introduce you to the latest member of the Poken Team, Sour CHHOR, who joins Poken as Chief Strategy Officer.


How will Sour help make Poken even greater ?  Let’s put it this way – Sour is one the founders of Near Field Communication (NFC).  NFC is the technology built inside every single Poken that we sell.  You may not know much about NFC (yet), but you will hear about it a lot over the next few years.  In addition to these obvious benefits, he will bring us more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry!

In his new role, Sour will be directly responsible for helping to define Poken’s overall business strategy and developing new business opportunities.
Read more…

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